Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Brain, No Headache

Wonder what it would be like to wake up in the morning without a headache?

Wonder what it would be like to see the day through a clear vivid mind?

Wonder what it would be like to think swiftly and reliably without being either impaled in the eye or sickened at the stomach by endless Excedrin...

Wonder what it would be like to open your eyes wide and let the sun in.

For over 30 years these migraines have impacted my daily life and at other times have ruled it. In the last two years, they have ruled.

This is despite visits to physicians, neurologists, chiropractors, and the health food store.

This has been with strong anti-migraine drugs and without.

With a good neck and back popping every other day and without.

Nothing makes a difference.

I know God designed me to be this way for a reason. I can't imagine the reason or what it's good for, but as of late, I've just tried to accept it. Rather high or low, in pain or out, thinking clearly or not, I'll take what God decides to give me.

The next step is to stop complaining about it.

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Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

My sweet, lovely, ex-boss, forever friend that I adore more than you could ever know, aren't you aware that some of the most talented, artistic, and revelent people in our history were completely....insane?

I always felt so badly when you had one of those migraines. I know not from experience, but from observation just how crippling they can be.

Hang in there. You're totally right...everything happens for a reason.

You're art is wonderful, creative, expressive and is something that I think everyone can appreciate. You're humor and your insight are wonderful and I can see nothing but rave reviews in your future.