Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Little Cupcakes

I could eat a half dozen German chocolate cupcakes if I had some really cold milk and somebody to bring them to me and then somebody else to clean up after me.

I could also eat a lot of cheap plain ruffled potato chips, a really rare steak, some meatloaf, a bowl of vegetable soup or some baby carrots and dip. Actually, I already ate the potato chips and I am grossed out. That's why I need a cupcake chaser. That and the fact that I ate potato chips for supper. That's so pathetic.

Last week we made a spring cupcake display at the shop with Andy donning her vintage little apron and the faux cupcakes older daughter Ashley and I made last fall. I cut and glued and painted and ran around in circles until I had made a few simple and quick mixed-media pieces and suddenly we had a tiny bit of spring in our windows.

The shop still doesn't look up to par. We recently sold one of my favorite sculptural pieces -- a pair of free-standing giant wings -- and someone borrowed some of our easels and didn't return them... the gallery looks like a mess and inspiration has been hard to come by because its been so gloomy EVERY SINGLE DAY until the last week or so.

Tomorrow I'll try to remember to take pictures of our new "Wearer of the Crown" display with those pieces and I'll post them. I like them and they look fresh and springy. I want the pink one and because I recently discovered a brand new place in my house where I can hang yet another picture maybe I'll just see about it!

Today, I've spent the whole afternoon printing Hot Snots cards and wondering about a lot of things that kind of make me sad. Sitting and tending a printer gives a person too much time... That's why I decided I need some cupcakes. If I still lived with my mommy I bet she would make me some and she wouldn't even growl about it. At least not after the initial shock of me begging for cupcakes subsided and after she recited her list of all the OTHER things she needed to be doing besides waiting on me.... good grief! just forget it!

Love and kisses and sweet, sweet cupcake dreams to all, d.