Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Glamour of Beautiful Art Supplies

As you have heard and heard and heard and heard, I am trying to get my things organized to move into my new make-shift studio.

Tonight, while I continued pulling things together, I noticed once again - as I have before - how much I love the way art supplies look.

I love all the colors, shapes, textures.

I love all the different categories: adhesives... stamping... storage... craft brushes or art brushes or wax brushes or gel medium brushes or glue brushes... oil paints and acrylic paints and water color paints and craft paints and iridescent paints and inks and pigments...

I love the chaos of it.

I love the abandon of it.

I love art tools: dremels and sanders and soldering irons and toaster ovens and timers and heat guns and scroll saws and drills and jigsaws and sanders and staple guns and glue guns and glue pots and candle making machines and slow-melt pots and sewing machines.

I love flux and copper foil and beveled glass and microscope slides.

I love German Glass Glitter.

I love collections of ribbon and different kinds of tape.

I love charcoal pencils and HB pencils and battery operated erasers.

I love books that tell about art and books that show art and magazines that show work you can aspire to.

I love beads sorted into tiny compartments and boxes of wire and all the assortment of wire working tools.

I love big scissors and sewing scissors and special scissors and photo-only scissors.

I love plaster-of-paris and crayola clay and spackling compound and high gloss finish pour on acrylic and bee's wax and Sculpey.

I love broken vintage jewelry and pieces of old lace, old tassels and jars of buttons.

I love scrap booking paper and mulberry paper and watercolor paper.

I love cut-apart magazines and old books for altering.

I love old dishes for making broken china jewelry.

I love embroidery thread and colorful yarns, old pieces of fabric and rolls and rolls of lace.

I love quality colored pencils and oil pastel crayons and pastel chalks and India ink.

What a blessing to have a wonderful husband who is clueless about the cost of art supplies.

Love, d.


MarysMadness said...

I agree 125%! I too love supplies. I sometimes love collecting supplies so much, I don't have time to create art! I go to estate sales and hunt for odd items and supplies. Then I "get" to spend hours organizing and reorganizing my supplies. I love to touch my supplies!
Thanks for sharing!

Donna Roberts said...

Dear Mary,
That is exactly it! How can anything so common, when put in a big stack, be so phenomenal! I want to marry those supplies! And I think all of us love moving and reorganizing those things too. You are a doll! d.