Friday, May 23, 2008

Keeping a Sketch Book

If you've never kept a sketchbook, now's the time to start.

I never kept one either and over the years, I can't think of but one or two drawings that have survived.

When I decided to actually try to discipline myself to keep a sketch book, I also purchased an inexpensive portfolio and I eventually move my sketches into that book. It surprised me to learn this evening that I have completed almost 25 sketches in the last few weeks. I had no idea!

Many of the sketches are simply "thinking out loud" quick drawings.

Others are like a journal entry which shows what I'm feeling or thinking.

Some are studies of a particular aspect of a project I may be having trouble with.

I used to jot down ideas on any piece of scratch paper I could find, but I have learned that these little snippets of paper never survive. By trying to contain my ideas, whether sketches or a short note to myself, in a sketch book venue, I have found that not only are these ideas more likely to survive, but going back and looking through the drawings is really fun.

So keep a sketch book.

Then share it.

(More sketches later.)

Love, d.


AR said...

I have had several sketch books over the years and can never stick with it. My new strategy is to just keep it in my book bag so it's with me pretty much all the time. It is fun to look back and see what you did.

Donna Roberts said...

Like everything, I have found with my own that if it is out-of-sight, it is never on my mind. To my husband's chagrin, sometimes I take mine to church and draw during the sermon! I'm sure there's a hot poker waiting for me in hell for that one.