Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Blessed Birth Sold

What a day!

I sold a piece from the gallery, "The Blessed Birth," which was the first of a Storytelling series I am doing.

I didn't talk about these yet because I hadn't photographed any of them, but I love these pieces. They are mixed-media and intensely personal. I'll do a post later that tells about the series, etc.

Also, unexpectedly, I feel sad at selling this piece. Somehow, you want to keep them all because they are sort of like children. At the same time, HALLELUJAH!)

Love to all and more later, Donna Ann

P.S. I'm sorry the pictures are terrible. I didn't have time this morning to set up my lights and screens... just for hurried shots. The reflection is so bad on the full piece that I don't think it's worth posting. This will still give you some idea. It is actually a five-panel series that covers the annunciation, birth, visit of the wise men, the shepherds, and the entire story of the birth of Christ. Thanks for your patience with my photography.

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