Friday, May 23, 2008

Cupcakes Sweet Cupcakes

Last night I had to clean off our dining room table because I brought home a fairly large mixed-media piece I have been doing and wanted to add bee's wax, so I needed a large flat surface.

I was down to the last few items to put away and there still sat my unfinished (faux) cupcakes. I didn't like them because I inadvertently bought large size cupcake papers (who knew they made different sizes these days!) and these dudes were humongous.

After I cleaned all the way around them and they were the only thing left and I stood there and looked at them for a minute -- I had even removed the table cloth -- I took both tins of them and dumped them over into the trash with a great big satisfactory clomp.

Maybe it's better just to start over sometimes than to try to save something that isn't working out. Maybe when I make my cupcakes next time, I'll have learned something. Maybe, but probably not.

Here's a picture of that dining room table. This is something you'll likely never see again.

One last thing, to my Jennifurry - love to you and Lenni and remember where I am. Fifty miles isn't very far... but it seems far to me today.

Love to you, d.


Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

No it's not far and we both better remember that! Besides, I have a really great place that I want to take you for lunch WHEN you come and see me! AND...who can pass up shopping! There are some great lil treasures in Jeff City for some wonderful vintage finds!

You're blogs look amazing by the way and the wing come out stunning!

Keep in touch..I promise I will!

Donna Roberts said...

Hey you! I spent the day today soldering and my cheapo Radio Shack soldering tool went caput after a few uses. I am mortified! I think that if I change the tip it might work, but that thing is a piece of garbage! Have you had better luck with yours?
(I still have my ridiculously expensive one with the wide tip, but I did find the cheapo one easier to control... until it quit, that is. PIECE OF JUNK!)
And yes, I'll be there. I still want to look in your desk drawer at work!!!

Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

I bought myself a lil better quality soldering iron but I still have my radio shack one too! LOL I like it for detail work and it's still going like a pro.

You should be able to just change the tip and be fine. Also, pick up some sal ammonic. It's this big old block of stuff that keeps your tips nice and tinned when you aren't using them. They are pretty cheap and you can get them at Peacock.

I miss soldering! I won't be able to do anything until I move and get set up! WAHHHH!

Donna Roberts said...

Well, Jenn, I'll just get that and try it. When I plugged it in again later last night, it did heat up. Maybe I had just left it on too long... but the tip is still a goner. I am sooo slow at soldering! And I have flux everywhere in the room now. It's a wonderful thing.
Are you moved yet? Boy, that makes me sad!
Are you planning to try any shows in JC?