Saturday, May 17, 2008

My poodles (they're goners now)

Well, these were my poodles.

I made these little crowns for them, then decided they still didn't look very pretty... so I added some bouffant hair... still thought they were ugly.

Actually, it may have been a little too much hair (is that possible?), but who could know what to do.

Lucky for me, they were chained together and so when they fell off the precarious place at the shop where I had put them, both of them broke.

I threw those ugly old poodles away but kept that luscious hair for another unwitting project and also stashed away my little crowns.

And I've been making crowns ever since.

Tomorrow I'll take a picture of Frannie, my daughter's grouchy dog, with her new crown। Then I'll show you some others I made. I made one for a mermaid, but probably a dog will have to wear it since mermaids are rare here in Missouri.

I am also wanting to make some human crowns, but I'm not sure if any humans will wear them. They should, but not everyone is crown-confident.

Love to all poodle lovers, d.


Sierra said...

so I know where you got both the poodles and the hair...muhahaha ;)
and I thought they were cute, but oh well!

Donna Roberts said...

You are right! And I love that laugh! Fits you, you know! muhahahaha