Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get Your Red Hots Here!

And this is my Red Hots. I did this piece as an ode to my we-wienie dog, Lucy, I think in 2006 (maybe 07).

It's another mixed-media piece utilizing newspaper, tissue paper, paint, buttons, wire, other 3-d elements, and great dog quotes.

To exaggerate the length of the dog, the tail is outside the frame...

I stumbled upon a man eating a hot dog with the headline, "Get Your Red Hots Here!" and couldn't believe my luck.

Also in case you can't see the perspective, this wiener dog is flying (it has wire wings) and its legs are sprawled out... you are looking from above.

I would encourage everyone on the planet to get at least one wiener dog. Then I would encourage them to learn how to spell wiener.


Sierra said...

doesn't Alicia have this now? I always loved this neat.

Donna Roberts said...

Yes! That little poot put it in her kitchen. And now she has a puppy to match! It's almost like a magical picture. Again, muhahahahaha!