Friday, May 23, 2008

Cluttering Up that Table and Using Bee's Wax

Last night, after cleaning off that infamous dining room table, I finished the bee's wax process on the new piece and I really like it. It was fascinating to watch it as it melted, how it affected colors, texture and even the sculpture of the light.

Here, again, is that table. Immediately after cleaning it off, it all started again...

Before I show you the piece, a little about the bee's wax.

First, it's very interesting. I gathered together five pounds of purified bee's wax, a couple candle warmers, small glass and tin units for melting... I used old brushes I had and they were very destroyed after the process (well, at least they'll be good for nothing but applying wax in the future.)

When you first apply the wax -- and you have to do it quickly because it cools like a jack-rabbit -- you really can't tell much about what you're doing because it cools to a white, matte finish. After you get it where you want it, use a heat gun to smooth and disperse it. This was the magical part for me. I loved not only the smell, sizzle and flow of the wax, but also the few moments when the wax was living on the canvas, finding its place.

The wax seems to do a great job of sealing a piece if you're looking for something like that. I think it's worth trying.

Beware: out of the three Daschunds who have looked at this piece so far (my two and my mom and dad's dog), all three wanted to lick the bee's wax. Probably wouldn't hurt the dog, but it's not too good for a person's ego!

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