Monday, May 19, 2008

Frannie's Little Crowns

Hope you've had a beautiful day!

Ashley, my older daughter, and I spent a few minutes working with her dog, Frannie, trying to photograph a couple of the little crowns I have been making.

These crowns are made with tiny glass seed beads and a variety of larger beads on pliable wire to allow some moulding for better fit.

I started working in earnest on these crowns after altering a checkerboard game for a furniture piece I was working on (and am still not done with!). I made crowns for the checkers that would be "Kinged" and just loved that process.

The next crown I made, I think, was Frannie's little green one. It has flowers and hearts, none of which suit Frannie's personality. Frannie is a spit-fire who, the more we love her and chase her, the more she hates us and runs away. It's a terrible thing to see! I love that little dog to pieces! Ah... unrequited love.

I worked on photographing today -- the crowns and some of the kits I'm putting together to sell. I don't like how much of it is turning out. It's so tedious to get a good picture that truly shows your work. Thank goodness for so many on-line sources with great information for clumsy photographers.

About my little studio -- I hope to start working on it this coming weekend. I'm going to make a designated place for all my pretties on our screened-in porch. Later we are going to make it all-weather. I'm not going to get to do everything I want because, unfortunately, it all costs money. But I think I'm going to go ahead and patch the area together as best I can, do some painting, and then go ahead and put my stuff out there. We're drowning in it and I feel hopelessly disorganized and confused by everything in such disarray.

Love to all and especially Ashley Fawn and Frannie Rose. Thank you for the pictures, my beauties

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