Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doing it Anyway - Easier but Harder

After Lynne's encouragement (see first blog), I went ahead and published a Christmas card to sell in our shop. This was 2005. It was a watercolor, completed in about six minutes of flourished embarrassment and sheer gall.

The inside said, "Hope some snowflakes stay on your nose and eyelashes."
We sold out (but it took two years), 400 cards.

Every time someone would look at my cards, I wanted to run to the backroom and hide. I couldn't bear their comments and I didn't want anyone to know I had done it.

The next year was easier, but harder.

Now I had two of them sitting out there. Who in the world do I think I am?
That same year, I also did a mixed media piece related to our Christmas decorating theme. It was called Icebreakers. I'll put it in the next posting, because it's messing up (because I don't know what I'm doing!)

It has an Aristotle Onassis quote that says, "If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."

Having this hanging in the gallery helped me overcome some of my anxiety over the cards, I guess because it was so flamboyant the cards seemed pretty tame and safe.

I still felt like an outsider. That old interloper, you know. Who in the world do I think I am?


Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

I loved selling those cards. I loved the fact I could say, "Donna Roberts created those. Aren't they sweet? Don't you just want 100 of them?" LOL. I do understand how you feel though. I can sympathize. I also love your blog btw! I also can't believe how many times I've used the word I in this post.


Donna Roberts said...

That's how I feel about this whole thing: I, I, I, I... it's so boring!

But what wasn't boring was you and me at work. Now that was fun! And we didn't have to have anything whacky in our drawer. (I still want to see that.)

When are you coming back to work? And why not? I'll pay you same as last time: not very much.

Besides, wasn't it all the french benefits that you liked anyway? French fries... that's the only french thing I can think of that we actually had.

Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

Hey french fries ROCK my friend! Especially really salty ones. Although I do remember some VERY good biscuits and gravy that you would make Dave deliver to us!

Donna Roberts said...

That's true! But nothing ever beat the treats you'd bring us... how did you ever get it all done... and why haven't you brought us anything lately?!? We're still starving and begging, you know!