Sunday, October 26, 2008

St. Louis City Art Museum

My older daughter Ashley and I went to the St. Louis City Museum this weekend and it was fabulous. You should go.

On the way there, I drove under fabulous skies and also found something else: these days, it's no big deal to get a clear shot (I didn't say a good picture, I said a clear shot) with these digital cameras. The bottom picture was taken out of the windshield of my little red pickup while I was driving along at 70 mph.

Unfortunately, there must be SOMETHING to it though, because just about the only picture at the museum I had that wasn't a blurry mess was this one picture of Ashley (top) and the crayons. I took a total of about 40 pictures there! But I guess because I was trying so hard to do a good job, they all were a shaky, terrible, ridiculous mess. That, and I went down the 7-story slide and I am pretty old to be doing that before I took the majority of those pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend and that this week is a safe and excellent one. d.

P.S. Ashley wasn't as awed by the big basket of crayons as I was. She wasn't flabbergasted at all. But me, I was like: DID YOU SEE THAT BIG BASKET OF CRAYONS!!!!! I took three pictures of them!

Another P.S. I am now kind of regretting that we did not roast marshmallows at the campfire at the museum. You should always do everything you want to do while you have the chance. It might be too late later and you'll never have the chance again. Man, I am really pretty sad about it! I could have eaten some of those marshmallows and it would have been nice.

Yet Another P.S. Despite what Ashley and Matt say, Nacho Libre and Stuck on You are great movies. You should watch them. Especially Stuck on You. You should try to watch it more than once... you should try to watch it at least twice! Especially if its your friend who is renting the movie!

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