Saturday, October 11, 2008

Influenced and changed through 30 years of BOSSES!

Talking about some of the people I've worked with in the past combined with a night of practically no sleep made me remember a lot of things.

It's interesting how the way we interpret things changes over the years. I've never been much of a black-and-white girl because, as I said in the last post, both sides of my brain work. ha ha ha

But having the opportunity to work for a wide range of people (yes, all these people were my bosses in one way or another... isn't that gross?) in varying situations and in different climates over the past 30 years has had a tremendous impact on how I now think, reason and react.

That girl who worked at Dairy Queen at age 15 was so gullible and innocent and wide-eyed and vulnerable. I believed in everything. Those attributes caused me a lot of pain over the years but also saved my sanity. You gotta balance that locus of control.

So, thank you. Even you old bosses that I still hate because you were such jerks. Thank you. ha ha ha

Here's what I learned from you (five words each):

Bill Cremer: Watch out for those hands

Terry Cremer: Sweep under the cigarette machine

Rick Cremer: Marrying the boss has advantages

Joe Marling: Speak up about free-cling peaches

Vernon Light: People misunderstand and tell fibs

Dixie Peck: The night shift gets screwed

Marsha Fuller: Answer phone... work 12 1/2 hours

Dan Waggoner: Change your displays between visits

Bill Snow: Those you admire can fall

Stan Williams: 26 year olds are ignorant

Bobby Lawson: 24 year olds are too

Hal Sel: 60 seconds equals 60 words

Jim Byers: Small companies make big money

Ken Kwantes: Stay outta the batting cages

Gary Heaven: People do what they can

Everett Briggs: Being meticulous is under appreciated

Jim Tarr: Military men love their wives

Gene Humphrey: Saints can have checkered backgrounds

Don Brookshire: Men look different without hats

Mike Gyovai: Military men are secretly vulnerable

Jim Matlock: People are watching your Fridays

George Lewis: Rush Limbaugh isn't a jerk

Dennis Spurgeon: Wild boys can be good

Steve Hargis: Understanding breeds empathy and patience

Merle Strouse: City Councilmen like to gripe

Floyd Ferrell: People always have their reasons

Kent King: Being upfront and clever works

Lenoard Westbrook: Everyone walks a difficult road

Nick Ginos: Being social saves your tail

Allen Litz: Even accountants are really fun

Larry Ewing: Idea people work too hard

Dana Rapier: Take the next step reliably

Annie Bass: Energy combined with talent rocks

Randy Stratman: Small town political knowledge rocks

Sharon Meusch: Elegant and savvy really rocks

Robert McKay: Miscommunicate and they'll throw rocks

Carol Green: Think carefully through all options

Nadine Miller: God knows what's most important

Lynne Bergman: Our dreams are God-owned

and my favorite boss, Dave Roberts: A man loves you anyway

Love to all of you and thank you for EVERYTHING. Like I said before: You rock! Even the ones of you I still hate because you, well you know, you were my boss!!! d.

P.S. Thank you, also, Joel Goodridge for the me and Skipper picture from 1982. That's what I looked like at the beginning of this so-called career. Look how young and sweet and hopeful. You people know what I look like now. You know how bitter I've become! You've all had a part in killing me and I'd say not a few of you have hot pokers waiting for you.

Love, d., your best employee


Sierra said...

i love that photo aunt d! ash looks a lot like you....
and i love you!
-baby sierra

Donna Roberts said...

Hi Little Tiny Baby! I have been wanting to talk to you for a hundred years but you know how it is! I don't know what happens! Where have you been - what are you doing - what do you know - who do you know it about??? I love love love your comments. Thank you so much and love and kisses to you, your most fabulous aunt