Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Hot Snots Wiggling Leg

I worked quite a while late last week on making a wiggling leg for our Chocolate Panache banner and had it up there only intermittently seeing if it was satisfactory. I finally just decided I had wasted a ridiculous amount of time on something that didn't matter.

But then Sierra calls and says she likes the wiggly leg. So it is now re-wiggled and maybe it's good enough.

Unfortunately, the process of re-wiggling the legs meant I had to go in and actually read some directions. I am against this, you know. But the sacrifice was worth it, I suppose... (plus, I only read the first three on the list and the list went on and on and on... who can read directions that go on and on and on like that!)

And I'm with Sierra. It needs to wiggle.

Then, I called my son-in-law Matt and he's going to help me motorize a posterized Hot Snot for market in May which will lounge over our booth sign in NYC. See, one thing just leads to another.

Isn't it fine how life works and everything.

Thanks Sierra.

Thanks Matt.

P.S. It appears that blogger doesn't support my animated gif, but it's working on Chocolate Panache. Love again, Donna Ann

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