Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clara and Lana

I don't know what to think about this idea.

I snapped a picture of two beautiful women at church this morning (above). These two women have been friends for decades and today were wearing green dresses in similar colors, all dolled-up like they always are. I asked them if they had ever had their pictures taken together and they said no. So, since I happened to have my camera with me, I asked if I could snap one.

On the way home later this afternoon after running over all creation, I was going through the mental list of things I want to get done tomorrow (okay, I never get anything DONE... just STARTED tomorrow) and I was thinking about what to do with those pictures.
I thought that those women (Clara and Lana) are really, to me, like a real-life Hot Snot. They are always beautiful and are the ultimate in class. Elegant but vivacious. Prissy but competent. Feminine but determined. Vulnerable but strong.

So I thought I'd make them into Hot Snots and give them the drawing.

Then I thought, well, now that's an idea, maybe.

I could do Hot Snots portraits for commission. But then I'm not sure.

So since I had to de-DHTML my Chocolate Panache website links anyway (because they are malfunctioning and I'm sick of it and I don't know what I'm doing to fix it and they looked stupid anyway and loaded slow and I think they were actually cornier than I could stomach long-term) I added the Commission a Hot Snot Portrait offering with a dead-link on Chocolate Panache so I could look at it and think about it.

I put that link on and took it off twice before I just left it. (After all, no one's looking at that site yet anyway and it's sole purpose up there is to assist me in figuring out what in the world I am doing.)

So I stuck up that dead link and here's what I thought about commissioned Hot Snots portraits:

Do I really want to fool with it?

If I do, I want a lot of money to do it.

I don't want retail hassles... I just wanna make stuff but this would involve tete-a-tete.

I would have to listen to the person paying for the portrait about what it's going to look like to some extent.

I probably wouldn't like being bossed about what to draw or how to do it.

I would have to hurry up and get it done even if I thought I was too-too busy with something else and wasn't in the mood to work on their old picture (you know how that is!)

I actually probably wouldn't like any body's input about it and (hopefully) secretly (as in, hopefully I wouldn't just say it out loud!) I would think their suggestions were stupid (even though they probably wouldn't be).

I would not like constructive criticism from someone not paying me or from someone I didn't ask for it from and even though they might be paying me, I would always think it wasn't enough money to authorize them to tell me what they don't like about what I am doing.

The only input about my Snots I ever listen to, pretty much, is Lynne's and David's.

David doesn't care what I do with my snotty pictures. He doesn't even like the snotty name I picked. (He says they are for a certain kind of audience and that that audience is not him. Isn't he a clever little diplomat? Well, he's not a girl so how can he be expected to know about stuff for girls. I'm glad he's a boy!)

And Lynne doesn't think I listen to her anyway so I probably don't really listen even though I think I try to.

What to do.

I'm going to ask Lynne and then do what I want despite what she tells me.

Just kidding, Lynne.

I'm sure you'll tell me the right thing to do.

And, as always, I will quickly think up a bunch of reasons why your completely sensible idea can't possibly work.

Love and kisses, d.

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Sierra said...

AUNT DONNA! I love the hot snot portraits of the ladies from church! they are so FABULOUS!!! :):):)
also, i love how the hot snot's foot moves on the header on your chocolate panache site! yay! you're doing great! keep going!