Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Sierra

Making something is hard.
It doesn't matter what it is.
If it isn't hard, you might not be making much.

My little neice, Sierra, has been making-making-making.
And she knows it matters and she knows its hard.
But still she thinks she oughta be making more.
Oughta be doing more.

Well, baby Sierra.
You do.
You are.

To me, you are a superior and authentic encourager.
And man, but there aren't very many of them.

I get so happy when I see a little note from my little neice.
You can't even imagine (it's really kind of pathetic).

I see your little face and know that fury of a do-it-all you're feeling all mixed in with exhaustion and a brain that's thinking-thinking-thinking thinking while at the same time knowing, "ah, I don't even care about this!" but I still gotta work-work-work like mad to do it. (Only YOU can understand THAT sentence!)

So I made a little Sierra.

Baby Sierra, bride-to-be (do you like your big ring I made?... show that to Blake and tell him that's the size you were really thinking of when you said size didn't matter.)

Baby Sierra - the baby who is always so determined.

Love to you my sweet little neice and precious little friend, Princess Aunt Donna

1 comment:

Sierra said...

THANK YOU! You made my whole week! I love you!