Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marketing 101... like I know what that is!

I have been a marketing machine today.

Having decided at some point this week that if I was doing this for someone else, I would be going all out, I decided I needed to get with the program and quit being so silly.

So I added my name all giant and grandiose onto all the Chocolate Panache slide shows and I also (sort of maybe) finalized the backs of my cards - which now includes my own big drawing of me-me-me.

I also began designing the wholesale catalog (I posted it on-line for the critiques of my critiquing buddies) and was aghast and delighted at how fast the money adds up and how easy it was. What in the world do I think I am doing???

I'm still working on the Business Plan - which I hate but also love - and I haven't had time to read but one or two pages of Brisingr because I have been up at the crack of dawn (if dawn were at 7:00 a.m.) and staying up until the next day (this part is not exaggerated).

While Frankie is still all loyal and everything right here with me, Lucy has long-gone gone to bed.

Love to all and hope you are sleeping snug as your own little puppies,

Donna Ann

P.S. Hey Harold! I had no idea! Why don't you leave me a note? Or, you're a big computer magician. Give me your e-mail address and help me by critiquing my wholesale site.

Love again, Donna Ann

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