Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the "new me"...

Okay. I wanted to show you my "me" too.

This is my self-portrait that I did for
Chocolate Panache. I want you to notice that it looks just like me except that I am uglier, fatter, stupider, and don't have wings. I do, however, have more wild, dry, broke-off, and fuzzy hair.

Here is the real me:

Actually, this is my drivers license picture from last year and the only current picture I have.

Anyway, this is what I used as my reference. Here is what I do:

Each drawing usually has some aspect exaggerated, many times the eyes.

P.S. I sort of think it means you're not very loved when there are no pictures of you AT ALL except your stinking drivers license picture. My friend, Dana Rapier, once said that she needed to have pictures taken in case she was ever murdered and they didn't have any pictures to use for the TV's America's Most Wanted show but her drivers license picture. I thought that was hilarious! Now I know exactly what she meant. Of course, when people love you so little that they never take your picture, doesn't it sort of indicate that if you were to be missing and murdered, probably no one would really be looking for you so hard that they would put a picture of you on TV's America's Most Wanted in the first place???

Love, me, the unloved and unpictured and unsearched for.

P.S. Blogger's spacing between paragraphs is retarded. I actually DO go in and fix the html, but it just changes it to whatever retarded spacing it wants. Also, please forgive me for using the word retard. I understand this is no longer allowed. However, after watching Ben Stiller's new movie, I can't seem to stop myself. Now I have to re-break a habit I had as a kid!!! Seems like I heard that word a lot as a kid. Wonder why???

P.S. That is my sister's dog Misha on there peeking from behind the stool. I wanted to look real prissy-butt and I have wiener dogs and they aren't very prissy looking except for Lucy and she is so fat and old it's kind of ruins the prissy-butt affect. So I used Misha as my model. And now, after writing this, I feel REAL guilty about what I said about Lucy. And here she is, right here beside me, laying out on the floor all sprawled out and fat and fuzzy and old and wonderful just like she always does... right next to handsome curled-up-in-a-ball Frankie. How could I be so cruel as to deny my true heritage and show a dadgum poodle in my self-portrait and not my beloved little angel-wienies??? I will surely burn several days in Hell just for that. And I'll deserve it too! But there's no way I'm doing that drawing over! I have too much work to do!!!

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