Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lace and Pink and Gold

I opened the door to my studio
On this breezy and beautiful day
To find that somehow, incredibly
I'd cleaned it the last time I played!

I almost didn't recognize...
I just really couldn't believe!
How pretty it was and so inviting
I knew I would NEVER want to leave!

The light filtering in through the windows
The wind tugging at the sheers
Puppies lazing on their pink beds
Alleviated my creative fears.

The main thing you gotta know though
When you go to your studio so clean
Is you can't really do much of nothing
When you're worried about being a neat-fiend!

Now this poem is some of the worst
That I'll ever admit to have doing
But the point is that when it's too neat
Your studio is really pooh-poohing.

You know you're not going to work there
You don't want to make a big mess
So instead you go to the computer
And write and tell and confess...


Sierra said...

haha you're funny!
i love the box with the pink and lace and stuff...and the pages are COOL! what are they for? i see you and ash and alicia and gma and gpa...

MarysMadness said...

Great poem! I'll have to put a link to it on my blog! If you don't mind!

Love your pics! MarysMadness

Donna Roberts said...

Mary, I just love you. You are so cool and always so up-beat in your blog. I alway swear I'm going to do that but I think I'm too bipolar to stay true to that. I hate this see-saw! (But maybe tomorrow I'll like it!) Ha Ha!

Donna Roberts said...

Little Sierra, I was trying to make another thing for the Christmas tree and to force on you children when you come for our Par-TAY but they are so stupid I don't think they are going to amount to anything. I stuck them in a baggie (next to the birdies I abandoned) and will try to decide what to do with them later. My life is a pile of unfinished, stupid projects.