Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know that Business Plan and the whining?

After I wrote my last big post I thought, you know what? That is RIDICULOUS!

I wouldn't accept that behavior from anybody.

So I thought, I gotta get out there and clean that mess up and then I gotta get in here and clean this mess and quit acting so stupid. If somebody was paying me to work for THEM, I wouldn't be acting so stupid... I'd just do what I needed to do and I wouldn't even complain!

So... here this is for my own good and I'm a whining and a squalling.

So I go out there (with my Five O'clock World song all a-playing so I can hear it and kindly dance like Drew)...

and I'll be a monkey's aunt!

Since I was out there to take those pictures about ten million wasps have moved in!


Ten million wasps did not move in.

But four did.

And I'm not staying out there with four wasps because they might sting me in the ear again and that's a terrible painful deal!

So now I gotta wait until those wasps go to sleep so I can spray their new and tidy little hives (I saw three new hives! When did they do this???)

So I took a picture of one of my new wasps and I took a picture of the hive but my hand was so shakey that you can't even tell what they are. I was a-sceerd!

So, I got you this picture instead right off someone else's blog.

My whole point is: I gotta get outta there so I can't do this work TODAY! Tomorrow, yeah yeah sure. But right now, the only safe thing to do is to take a nap.

So, I'm gonna.

Until I have to go pick up my mother so we can bravely go to a ladies thing tonight at church (it makes me a nervous wreck but if I ever expect to get over some of these ridiculous panics, I'm gonna have to quit acting like I'm completely insane.)

That's neither here nor now.

But I do think a nap is the answer.

Love, d.

P.S. Why is it here NOR now and not here or now? Is it because NOR sorta rhymes with NEITHER? Is it like this: I could say it's either here or now, or I could say it's neither here nor now... but you just can't hardly say, It's neither here or now. You know what? What does that even mean???

Oh my goodness! It's not IT'S NEITHER HERE NOR NOW!

What an idiot! I think it's IT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE!

Really, just run-forest-run! I DO need a nap!!!

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Gerrels said...

It IS "neither here nor there!" It's been three and a half years since you wrote this post... has that studio gotten any cleaner!?