Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Widow's Mites

Finally, I've photographed some of the original art I want to offer for sale, but good-night-America, I forgot to bring home the descriptions Lynne wrote for me and I am just too exhausted (i.e., lazy) to write them for myself when she's already done all the work, so I won't be posting anything until at least tomorrow or the day after.

Now that's a sentence. And it's sort of whiny too, so it's probably making your ears wince. It is mine.

I just appreciate Shonnette and Sarah at the shop who took the glass out of several pieces to make it easier to photograph. God love them. That's such a lot of work for a whole bunch of nothing. I love those girls.

I don't know whether to be excited, discouraged, exhausted, or melodramatic. Like always, I guess I'll be all of them at once. I think mostly I just feel underwhelmed.

I guess sitting here, I'm just delaying doing any real work around here.

I still have to finish my sister's birthday present (from last year and then one for this year) because her Par-tay is Friday.

I think I'll go eat some cornflakes first. And maybe take a nap because my head is killing me. Then by magic, maybe something will somehow, someway, get done.


Sierra said...

ohhhhhhhh...now I want to see these art pieces...do you know if you're going to be at the shop (a specific date and time), so that I can stop by and nose around with you?! :)

Linda Radford said...

Well now, I've come upon a way to communicate with you. You don't call me back; you keep that stinky little message on your phone that say's "I'M FULL"; you do not answer your home phone because you are busy artsy fartsying around; you NEVER stop by my humble abode when you know I'm up here just digging around in a pile of papers trying to figure out how to go ANYWHERE in ANY country so I can be a 'traveler'. Yes, that's what I want to be, a world traveler. Fits me so well. Now back to you, small one, get up here and take some of my good medicine for headaches and let me help you paint them there walls. You won't get a better offer than this from anyone, or have a better sister. I love you anyway. Oh, the partaay is off until next Friday. Now, that should make you feel good. Love and best wishes, Linda

Linda Radford said...

If you'll notice I was writing the previous message just about exactly 12 hours after you wrote yours.

Donna Roberts said...

What are you doing up so late!?! If you want to travel into foreign lands, I have one for you and the perfect place for any traveler to stay. The best thing about it is that once you leave, you are so happy to be home you never want to go anywhere again!
In case you don't know: I hate the phone. Someone is always wanting something and I never win a big prize or anything for answering it. So I hate the phone.
You would not want to paint that wall with me. I don't move any furniture because it is too much work and I don't use any plastic or anything. I just scrunch in real little and paint around everything. I'm considering not even taking the curtains down (no one will look behind them anyway!) I also use a real small brush. It is maddening to everyone but me. Ask Carolyn sometime about painting with me. She has never forgiven me.
Yes, you are the world's greatest sister. And why is your party off? THANK GOODNESS though! That's another week to finish last year's present!!! HEE HEE HEE
Why don't you come down here and sit around in my little art studio. You wouldn't like it. But it would like you!

Donna Roberts said...

Baby Sierra! Why aren't you working very much? What happened to you and Ben's project? I am always at the shop on Mondays all day, then the rest of the week in and out. Also, isn't it fun not working or are you bored? How about a few little art projects to fill your time. I've got a million of them... or better yet, you could help me (somebody better) finish your mom's birthday present for last year!