Friday, June 6, 2008

Art and the art buddy

It's a rare and phenomenal thing to have an art buddy.

Now, an art buddy is not an art critic; although they do serve in that capacity (often with sharp ridicule that they deem very humorous and that you do not.)

And an art buddy is not a competitor, by far (although you are driven to always do what they just did when you see how cool it turned out.)

And an art buddy is not a person who, when the two of you are together, finds excuses for not getting started (oh, you won't start cleaning your house or cooking your supper... but you will start making something.)

Instead, an art buddy is someone who you can sit quietly (maybe not so quietly) and contentedly beside and make stuff.

Your art buddy doesn't make you nervous.

They don't stress you out if they think your big creation is a crock.

They are never in your way because it doesn't bother you to reach over their head or under their leg or behind their back.

They share their scissors and their glue and their paint and there is hardly ever a fist fight over the gel medium.

Even if your art buddy is like my art buddy, Lynne, and only likes stuff real old ladies would like, they can still be your buddy.

(Not really. Well, sort of this is true. But it's less true now than it used to be. She is changing before my eyes. She has become so wild that she wears bracelets with dingles on them and sometimes even a big giant sized ring.)

An art buddy thinks of things you don't, sees things you don't, knows things you don't, and shows you things you don't imagine.

An art buddy is rare.

An art buddy is a gift.

I got mine from a prayer.

And mine is coming over today to play!

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