Saturday, June 7, 2008

Altering is Altering, Unless it's Life Altering

So, I says to Lynne last night during the middle of our creative endeavor marathon... I says, "Hey! We're doing something completely different from last week (when we altered books)."

And Lynne says, "No we're not. Instead of altering books we're altering suitcases."

Here I was under the impression that we were doing something so radically different and new and outlandish. And here was Lynne, practical as always and head on her shoulders.

Is altering altering no matter the alterations or what's the alteree?

Here's what I do know: Altering changes me more than I change the thing I'm attempting to change.

Altering things has changed the way I look at the world. Everything has potential for altering. Old books. Old jewelry boxes. Old luggage. Old clothes. Old jewelry. Old hats. Old statues. Old habits.

Mostly old habits.

Looking at things for ways to change them and make them your own is what this new millennium is all about. And the green thing too. Reusing. Redesigning. Rethinking. Regreening.

As for me, I hope God keeps altering me.

I hate it, because change is not very fun when you're enduring it.

But I love it, because when God is done with me... well, I'm going to look like one of those high maintenance girls posted earlier. I'm going to have wings.

Love to my LIFE-altering buddy-of-buddies, Lynne.

Love to Jennifer... send me a note when you're settled.

Love to my Tammy who I don't see often but whom I think of day-by-day (how do you like my use of the word WHOM?)

Love to Alicia, whose cat is hiding under my shed.

And love to Ashley, whose Bonsai tree I have begun to alter also.

Also, love to my sister Linda, whose birthday present I have not touched since my last big day with it. How about a nice present for when you turn 50?


June said...

Great example of altered art. Thanks for posting. These suitcases are wonderful. I have altered books, flower pots, optical lenses, cigar boxes, playing cards and various other things, but nothing so big as a suitcase.

Donna Roberts said...

I love all that old stuff! And seeing what people can do with them just amazes me. What are you doing with optical lenses... and where did you get them??? Now, that sounds pretty fun! (I ended up with suitcases because they are cheap at the Salvation Army!) Thank you Thank you! d.

Joy for the Journey said...

Donna - I love your blog! You are the QUEEN of altering things, I'd say! Thanks for the reminder that we should all be thankful for our art buddies. I'm so glad you came by for a visit - I'll be stopping by again soon :)

Donna Roberts said...

Joy, you really DO understand the joy for the journey! That -- and I LOVE YOUR ICON! It's so "all of us!" Thank you so very very much! d.

Sierra said...

Aunt those are the suitcases you were picking up at the Antique Mall?? They turned out fabulous! :)

Donna Roberts said...

Yeah! That's them! And we also have one made into a dog bed so far. Another, we want to make into a "tea bag" for Goldilocks... I'll tell you about it later... it's one of those "big ideas".
What are you doing around there? Why don't you come down here with me and play???