Sunday, June 8, 2008

George the Cat

Alicia found her cat!

Sitting pretty as you please on the deck for all to admire, was George, the illusive hiding cat which wouldn't even meow for me for the past three days that he's been hiding, when his daddy came out of the house to see what he'd done to the screen.

Thank goodness.

Peace here at home again.


Linda Radford said...

Which cat and where are you? How many cats and weiners are there NOW??

Donna Roberts said...

This is Alicia's cat George. He ripped a hole through the screen in the apartment and took off like a cat on the run. He's crazy so he wouldn't come to me and he was on the lamb for three days. But later, when Josh and Alicia got here, Josh was going outside to look at the screen that George went through and there, on the deck, was old George himself.
We only have one cat now, Tickles, because Bowie died of old age. Then, of course, we have our two famous hotdogs: Frankie and Lucy. Don't you miss your cats?