Sunday, June 8, 2008

Those High Maintenance Girls!

I'm just pretty much hooked on drawing these dolls.

I have been making them for a couple years or more. But I never seemed to know how to finish them. Now, I think this does it. (I still have to add the color pencil, but it's too hot in there to dig around doing that. That can wait 'til morning.)

Anyway, sometimes I wish I could settle down and do one thing and stick with it like it seems other successful artists do. I don't know how you make the same thing day after day after day after day and not go out of your mind.

Discipline, maybe.

Enough about that carrying on...

The point is, I am going to have enough of these done to do what I said I would do which is post something for sale. I'm not too worried about these because they will be 1) easy to photograph and 2) easy to photograph.

Who knows what is next.

Looking for a cat, I guess.

I lost Alicia's (my younger daughter's) cat through a window during a storm Saturday (it clawed out the screen) and she is due in tonight from Minnesota to look for him. So I guess I'll look for a cat, even though he hates me and won't come. Poor little George.

And also, goodbye to my little Buster, who I have loved keeping and who I wish was mine. That's Alicia's wiener dog. He's a fine one.

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Josh and Alicia said...

Buster has been having fun with my company. Ji has a full grown only like 5 lb. wiener dog. Her name is Theodor like from Alvin and the Chipmunks... even though she's a girl. Anyway. Buster, Theo, and Ellie (the neighbors wiener dog) all had a big time. Ji and her brother stay Tuesdays and overnight to Wednesdays. Buster loves her.