Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No one or some one... which is worse?

Why is it that so often we find ourselves paralyzed about the inevitable step of either showing or offering for sale a completed art piece?

I don't know which part of the fear is worse: that no one will be interested or that someone actually might. Both seem a terrible fate.

One of the purposes of this blog was to help me overcome my fear of showing my art. But another objective was to prepare the items for sale.

How long am I going to cringe into a sweat just thinking about it? When am I going to just get it over with?

Maybe I just need to set myself a deadline.

I hate deadlines. I hate any sort of timeline. But that's just because I'm a big baby.

So I'll make myself a deal. I'll post for sale by June 11. That's next Wednesday and it should give me a day or two to prepare.

I could almost puke thinking about it and it sure makes my head hurt worse.

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Anonymous said...

Deadlines are good. They motivate you.