Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drawing like crazy...

I've been drawing like mad.

Thanks (again and as always it seems) to my little buddy Lynne, I've figured out some direction for my card series and have been working on them. In the last week, I've completed artwork for over a dozen of them -- all the while beating through a week-long headache, which, for some reason, seems to have sort of stopped in the last thirty minutes or so! It feels iffy though, like it could start again any minute so I'm trying to hold still... ha ha.

Anyway, above is a few of them. I took more pictures, but most of them are so blurry you can't make out anything but my shaky hands.

I finished the artwork for another High Maintenance Girls series (number IV... that's a four... I also learned this from Lynne). I regrouped my first two series into one I was happier with and it is now series III (that's a three... aren't I brainy?) Anyway, series IV has all pointy-toed girls. When I die and go to heaven, I'm going to have those kinds of shoes. I'd have them now if I knew how to make them. I think they are extra-good unless you have to have the pointed curly toes to go with them. That would, somehow, be less desirable.

The other series I am working on is enormous, part of a Christmas series. More on that big secret idea later.

Other than that, how is everybody doing? I have been holed up for a week. What is going on out there?

Last, my bedspread arrived and is beautiful (see two posts ago), but my bedroom is still a misshapen heap, sort of like me humped up under the covers with a headache, griping because I am too hot but also too cold all at the same time. Frankie, however, never cares about the temperature. He is a faithful and loyal wiener dog. However, for my bedroom, I fear, there really is no hope.


MarysMadness said...

Wow you can draw beautifully! You should print those on shrink plastic and make pendants! I think those would look great! I thought of that because of the pic of the girl on the striped black and white paper. It looks like a pendant.

Great Job!

Sierra said...

so I LOVE the cards you gave mom...and i LOVE the new drawing at the top of this post! awesome! you are SO talented! and i FINALLY called you back today..because I am a bed niece and forgot you called and your voicemail got buried with my other ones! but...question, can i come over next week? let's make a date. this week is too short and we're going to see my bf's family in arkansas on friday...:)
pretty please?!?!?! i really wanna hang out, see your stuff and help you out with some stuff if you want me to. that's always fun. but, then again, if you're too busy, then i won't..i don't want to bother or hinder you!

Wyanne said...

Your drawings are fabulous! I would never have such patience. I am in awe.