Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leave it alone...

I couldn't leave it alone.

All afternoon I have been in my little studio with the suitcase from Friday night.

And all afternoon I kept wanting to mess with it.

I've been working on my High Maintenance Girls and I thought it looked like a pretty high maintenance suitcase.

So I added a high maintenance doll.

I love her because I'm pretending she's me.

I was going to put Doris Day because I love Doris, but I didn't have a picture of Doris handy.

So I made this instead.


I will try to leave it alone.


Sierra said...

Did you MAKE those cards? They're awesome and way beyond anything I could ever do! You're so talented! And the suitcase is neat too! :)

Linda Radford said...

Come clean with this one. Did you draw this? Wow. Even if you didn't it makes that ole' stink of a suitcase look fab.

Donna Roberts said...

Yeah! These are my high maintenance girls I've been making. I did 12 cards, then decided I only really liked 6. I am working on collection IV (look at that Roman numeral... Lynne taught me how to number them!). I think I am going to do some with bigger faces like this one. I think she's kind of beautiful.
And yes, my little suitcase does kind of stink. How did you know?