Sunday, June 8, 2008



One more thing.

Little Buster, above, is going home in the morning.

He's my daughter Alicia's dog.

He's been a fine studio mate for the past week or so.

It's nice to be around a dog whose heart is full of art.

He and Frankie fought over the "good" bed (for some reason they prefer one over the other) and Lucy, my almost-10-year-old hot dog, pouted on the floor next to my chair. She loves Buster but she hates him.

This is Buster in my studio chair, where he would park himself every time I would get up to do something.

I think that dog has some dominance issues. But I adore him!


Sierra said...

Is he behaving any better? Little poot. I never see Leesh any more!! :(:(:(

Linda Radford said...

Now this is a great pic of that mighty fine dog of a dog. What a spiff. You should sell this pic for a calendar. Hey, now there's a project for you. Dog calendars. Do you think they've been done yet?

Donna Roberts said...

Of course dog calendars have been done and done and done... and that's why I'll probably "think" of it in the middle of the night and decide its a good way to make money! If there is a failing idea, I always have it!
I thought Buster acted great after the first day or so. He likes to be in a pack... he would do what Frankie would do and Frankie would do what Lucy would do and Lucy would do what she wanted. Somehow, little old mean grouchy Lucy still rules the roost. All those other dogs just do what she says and I can't figure out how she manages it. That's a woman for you!

Anonymous said...

How the heck did you get such a good picture of Buster?? He hates having his picture taken and always hides from the camera when I try to take his picture.