Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At the Beach (in August)...

We are so blessed to have taken a trip with my parents and both our married daughters and their husbands in August. We all went to the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Above is our view out the back of the condo where we stayed. That is hubby David in the picture above.

We spent one day in Montgomery touring the World War II battleship there. Above is David, my mom and dad, and my daughter Ashley and her husband Matt. (Alicia and Josh had to leave early for Josh's new job.)

If you ever get a chance to go through the ship, you really should. It makes you better appreciate not only the danger those crewman were in, but also the sheer sacrifice they made day-in and day-out by living in such cramped quarters for months on end. We should all fall on our knees to them and kiss their feet.

P.S. This was our first vacation in FIVE years! Where does the time go? But maybe the next time we go to the beach we'll be taking a little grandbaby along! Wouldn't that be a peach?!?


Sierra said...

hey aunt d,
so i forgot to mention on the lower blog about your living room that I and ONLY I was the one that located the AWESOME green lamp with the night lights and to inform you that I will be fighting ashley and alicia for it when you die! muhahah. lol. just kidding. i don't want to steal your stuff!
also, i love the other posts you've put up since the months ago youtube one and i like the "slide" thingy with your cards on it and i like the music you added. however, i do NOT like the hats you girls wore. HAHAHAHAHAHA they are SO hilarious!!!!!
sorry to make fun! hehehe

Donna Roberts said...

What do you mean you didn't like our fabulous hats?!? We figured no one we knew would see us... until I stuck it on here. And who looks at this anyway?
(Alicia's hat was even worse. Mema gave it to her and it had flowers on it. Horrible. But she liked it so she kept it. It was a loss for Mema, but she was able to withstand her loss and go on with her vacation as planned.)
If I could have taken my dogs I would have put little hats on them too: a Harley hat for Frankie and a sun bonnet for Lucy.

Sierra said...

hey hey! haha...well, i have worn hats that are about as bad and i'm guessing that none of you got sunburned, so they served their purpose!
i look at your blog all the time! :)
so i definitely will see anything you put up!
well, i do hope you all had a great time despite the loss of the hat that Grandma gave away! haha