Monday, April 10, 2017


Even Frankie can wait a little longer for morning...
Think back.

Can you remember when you were little enough that going to sleep was your enemy?

Can you remember lying in bed, holding your breath so you could hear better, and listening to see if anyone was stirring in the house? If you could just hear someone -- anyone -- it was your green light to jump out of bed and start your day!

Can you remember not being tired?

Can you remember not dreading Monday? and Tuesday?

Can you remember not wishing for this or that to just be "over and done with?"

Can you remember excitement at the thought of the future? Joy in the dawning of a new day? Opportunity in the presentation of something new?

These days, the sheer speed of our lives seems to preempt any excitement about new things.

A new day is more often than not met with "What? A week has already passed again? A month? Oh my goodness, I'm so far behind!"

Everyone is tired. Many people might not be sick but no one feels really good. Most of us dread upcoming events, even if it's something we would normally enjoy.

How often I would like to pull the covers back over my head and be finished with the day... the week... the month... before its even begun. So much effort and tedium seems to be involved in everything we do.

I changed the sign at the shop (a long time ago! Needs changed badly again!!!) to say:


That was a reminder for me and my bad attitude.

I've heard repeatedly that it's been a reminder to our dear friends who come into this shop too.

Decide now.

Love what you have to do.

I didn't have room on the sign to put "anyway" although that is certainly the sentiment.

Oh, to wake in the morning and feel something besides fatigue, dread, boredom, anxiety.

Oh, to be living your life instead of just being alive.

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