Friday, March 12, 2010

"Daling-ching-a-drrring!" Poof!

Completely bamboozling.

Somewhere in this house or in our cars or at the shop is a pink polka-dotty box filled with everything important a person needs to do a project on the fly. The last time I remember seeing it I was toting it back and forth from work to make things like my little shrine (unfinished above). It's a deep mystery.

While looking for it, I found:

Under the bed - a fairy wand that goes "daling-ching-a-drrrring" when you push a button but DOES NOT make your lost box appear! (What it does do, I can only speculate... and I have no memory of WHY it is under the bed. I must say, this is something I'll think about later.)

In my dress closet - the instruments I bought in Africa three and a half years ago... the ones I am going to do something neat with someday when I'm not so tired

In my regular closet - The Christmas videos I'm supposed to be putting onto DVD so everyone can have a copy! Well, maybe NEXT Christmas.

In my coat closet - Alicia's birthday present from her aunt I forgot to give her

In the back of the truck - A bag of clothes destined for the Salvation Army

In the den on the couch - My friend Andy's framed picture that I was going to give him a couple months ago

In the den in my old sewing desk - My WordPerfect update and all the covers I thought were lost

In the bookshelf in the den - A "Hot Snots" bag filled with a project in the works... I can't tell what the project was?!?

In the apartment (where my daughters used to live) - an unmade bed, the heat on from their last visit and a roll of toilet paper we really needed in the house!

In the trunk of the car - Two brand new crafting magazines I've never even looked at!

In my studio - Two chain saws (one mine and one my son-in-laws), a box of moulding cut-offs to be used as kindling in our stove and the unfinished shrine (above)

At the shop - Supplies to make "Hot Snots" bags and a package for a woman at church that I was going to give to her at her birthday last fall

This is getting out of hand. I really need help! This is two lists so far today about what a disaster I am. Tomorrow I'm going to try to write a list about something more positive.... like a list of all the stuff that was in my lost box when I found it!


AR said...

Hey, what about my 5 pictures? Where are they? I'm going to get them when I pick up the dogs this coming weekend!

Josh and Alicia said...

Oh no!! We left the heat on!? But maybe it wasn't us. I always make the bed unless I strip it for you...

I stuck those covers in that cabinet!! Good hiding place for them isn't it! (But I showed you where they were...)

Linda Radford said...

Okay, now I am MORE exhausted reading your loooooooooooooong list. Please, just stop. Compared to all your 'doings', I'm doing nuttin.