Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Snotty Little Display

These shots are from a couple weeks ago at the shop as we began making our Hot Snots display in the gallery.

We made our own card display racks (well, actually, we've only completed one so far... there are four, but it's been too hot to paint) because we couldn't find anything on the market that we liked that was affordable. Because our line is at 140 designs now, the wire racks aren't ideal, but we may eventually have to go with them... I do think the wire racks are ugly.

I made a few Lil' Snot cards and like the translucent envelopes we bought for them. I think they are pretty cute and retail for only a buck each.

Our prototype bags turned out nicely but are made from a thinner material than I would like to ultimately use. I only bought enough material for about 40 of these so, hopefully, we will use them quickly and move onto more suitable fabric.

I finished several pendant necklaces last week but haven't photographed them yet. I had lost my camera (which turned out to be buried in my purse!) and so maybe I can get that done today.

Sadly, I woke this morning thinking about Christmas in the gallery and wondering what in this world I am going to do. I have one idea for a tree but, like last year, I feel some apathy about it. I am NOT into the discount Christmas market and refuse to go there. So, basically, what that means is a lot of work and a lot of imagination but nobody wants to buy until everything is at least half-price. I guess we could do a "Hobby-Lobby" and make a fake price to begin with, so that when it's half-price it's really full-price, but something about that seems deeply unethical to me and I won't do it.

Who knows. I might start on a snotty tree this week!

Love to all and especially to new bride, Sierra. Welcome home! d.


Sierra said...

hehe, you knew i'd read this! thanks aunt d! love you!!! :)

Donna Roberts said...

You're my only person who loves me! And I am so glad I have you! And I love you too! The most!!!