Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Shopping Cart Button!

This little stinker is finally ready and working on our Chocolate Panache wholesale website and, believe it or not, on The Frame Shop's site for retail! That means you can now buy Hot Snots (greeting cards and prints) on-line, both wholesale and retail!

I know it doesn't look like much but, dog, it was a job.

I used Paypal's shopping cart because it was easy (as with everything I do, I am also a hack webmaster and I do everything myself... so I've got to be able to figure out what to do) and I also think people may tend to trust it more than other shopping cart sites because it is familiar. I know I do because I ain't been done wrong yet.

Anyway, I'd been hearing it and hearing it and hearing it that I needed to get my shopping cart working on our website but I needed a couple of days to sit and work on it. I have to do everything twice because I always screw it up and lots of unanticipated things happen in the progression of any of my big projects - that's why it takes me so long. I spent all day and night for two days and then a few hours today trying to make sure it works. I still need to get the View Cart button to work on the retail site, but I'm too exhausted (I'm never tired... I'm always exhausted) to figure out what its problem is today.

I still think The Frame Shop's website is lame looking. I don't know what to do. I have remade it about four times in the last seven years but I always think it's inferior. Using such old software is one problem but that's not the REAL problem. The real problem is that I just don't have a vision for what I want and even if I did, I probably wouldn't be smart enough to do it. I often find that the imagined outcome of any given project is severely adversely affected by my own brain-power. I do not know what can be done about this and believe me, the older I get, the worse its getting as my expectations are ever-increasing and my brain-power is ever decreasing. Plus, I have less will-power than ever and zero pride. This makes me lazy and the prospect of being humiliated no longer impacts my decisions. Combined, this makes for a negative life experience that is spiraling out of control. Thank goodness for the comfort and familiarity of mental illness.

Surprisingly, both websites have seen a little bit of activity, even before the National Stationery Show. I don't know how people find you but they do. That's like when David and I used to do Davesports... I was always astonished at how many people were out there looking at that thing. Of course sports people - I have never understood them. I spend all my on-line time on Etsy.

Anyway, thank you to my beloved and darling husband, David, who works so hard day-in and day-out (literally - he's a 70-hour-per-week reporter and also our cutter/joiner at The Frame Shop) to allow me time to piddle with all this stuff and never says a mean word plus he cooks hamburgers and hot dogs and ribs and chicken and steaks and roasted ears and french fries and the world's nastiest baked beans for us to eat. There is no one on this earth like you and certainly, no one else could tolerate all the things you put up with.

Now, that being said, how great you are and all: Will you please bring home the dolly and empty my burn barrel so I can burn trash? I want to do it so bad! If you empty my burn barrel, I will give Frankie and Lucy (our wiener dogs) a bath!

Love, d.


Josh and Alicia said...

You need to leave the Frame Shop web site how it is!! It takes so much time to redo the site, and it looks fine... maybe someday you will get new groovy software that will make your web designs easier... but you'll have to learn the new software first... won't that make it take longer??

Donna Roberts said...

Well, I went in and worked on it some, but I still think it's pretty ugly. I guess I need to come up with some colors that I like and go from there... but you know how that is... like a color one day and hate it the next. Soon, YOU will be needing to work on your website! You got any ideas??? P.S. I bought some chocolate-flavored coffee and it really DOES stink. But I drank it anyway.