Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Months passed - Very little done!

Where has the time gone and what have I been doing??? No one has an answer to either question!

I don't know what I've been doing, but nothing has been getting done. (It's like when you don't know what you've been eating... you just keep getting fatter. Wait. I don't think it's like that at all. I have nothing to show for what I've been doing. At least when I eat all the time I get fatter.)

New York (National Stationery Show) is in mere days (we leave May 14) and I'm still drawing dolls for the card collections. My goal is to complete 100, and I've almost got it, but I still have to finish about 15 or 20, then get them into final format. The printing equipment is in but I still haven't ordered paper (I don't know why) or packaging materials (I don't know why either). Most of the collections have been finalized or are in the process or being finalized.

The booth has been completely re-thought and simplified (something it seems I always have to do because I am a clutterer) and it will be shipping off, probably, within 10 days or so. That means I gotta be READY!!! (And so, instead of getting ready, I'm here writing this boring drivel.)

On the idea of simplifying, I dropped the Advent cards until next year. Their look is somewhat different from the Hot Snots and they are also a more complicated concept, so I thought I would drop them and try to launch with collections that are simpler to explain. We'll be doing Hot Snots & Tots (Bump Watch), Hot Snots Tie the Knot (Brides), A Snot a Day (Everyday Cards) and Nose to the Grindstone (Hot Snots at Work). I had already dropped the Goody-2-Shoes Snots because they had a different look and I think I'll push back their debut for at least a year. Who could know what will happen.

In my bid to get something-anything done, I got up early one morning and photographed about 30 of the new drawings and not one photograph is acceptable (one of them is above). I have to do them all over. Shows you what mornings are good for: nothing.

There is so much piled up on my desk to do that has nothing to do with this little venture that I don't know what to do first. Really, I just want to go back to bed! Stupid taxes have to get done. Stupid bank statements have to be reconciled. And it's really cold in here! How can a person work when they are so cold???

Okay. Enough complaining. I hope the next time I post I don't sound so grouchy. We'll see.


AR said...

finally another post! :)

Sierra said...

hi aunt d!
good luck on all your preparations! i believe in you and your creative talent (pretty much genius!) and i know you can pull it all together just the way you like it! i love you and am thinking about you! i'll pray for you all to do well in the show and to be as prepared as possible! :)
(and for you to be warmer and for lucy to be nicer...hehehehe...see, i still love frankie more and especially loved having him and Ash visit!)
baby sierra

Donna Roberts said...

Little Ashley and Little Sierra, my little baby dolls. Thank you so much for just, you know, hanging out. I wish there was more time to see everyone! Love to you both and kisses too - right on the face! Love, me.